Crewing Agency Agreement

Definitions2.1. “business”: SuperYacht Crew Agency Ltd, a UK-registered company, operates Also refers to the trade name: SuperYacht Crew Agency. 8.2. The crew member and/or candidate authorizes the company to process its personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998, including, but not limited to, the transmission of this personal data outside the EEA, and acknowledges that consent to such a transfer is necessary for the effectiveness of this agreement. Having a Ships Agency team in our time zone, speaking our language and understanding our needs is important in the business of the naval agency – keep the good work! 7. MLC compatibility requirements – company7.11. The company will strive to operate its services in an orderly manner that protects and promotes the employment rights of seafarers under the MLC. The company will work in accordance with all standardized licensing and/or certification systems or other forms of regulation that can be determined from time to time in accordance with the MLC.7.13. The company will comply with Regulation 1.4 (A1.4) MLC and in particular the requirements of subsection 5, including 7.13.1. The company will not use means or mechanisms to prevent or prevent people from finding employment if they are otherwise qualified;7.13.2. No royalties or fees for the hiring or placement of seafarers or for the provision of jobs to seafarers are borne, in whole or in part, by the sailor, except for the costs that the sailor receives:

a legal national certificate; National Marine Registry; passport or similar travel document, but without the visa fees paid by the owner and/or the customer.7.13.3. The company maintains an up-to-date register of all seafarers they recruit or are placed through them to be available to the relevant authorities for consultation.7.13.4. The company will ensure that crew members are informed of their MLC rights, including the right to see the terms of their employment contract before cooperating with the client and obtaining their own copy of the contract.7.13.5. The entity will take appropriate steps to ensure that the candidates they have hired or placed are qualified and have the necessary documents for the position.7.13.6. The company will take appropriate steps to verify that seafarers` employment contracts comply with applicable laws and regulations and comply with all relevant collective agreements that are part of the employment contract.7.13.7. The company will take appropriate measures to verify that the customer has the means to protect beach sailors in a foreign port.7.13.8. The company will review and respond to each complaint about its activities and notify the appropriate authority of unresolved complaints.7.13.9. The company requires the customer to have sufficient insurance to protect crew members from financial or other losses prior to the crew`s engagement. Definitions2.1.

“business”: SuperYacht Crew Agency Ltd, a UK-registered company, operates