Distribution Agreement Medical Device

product: the unistar stent device, the Costar stent device or any other stent device that appears and is specified in Schedule A and is attached to this agreement. To the extent that CONOR is developing new [) [- ” that are outside the scope of this agreement and which are included in Schedule A (new products) and provided that BIOTRONIK is not in breach at that time or that it has not occurred with respect to conor payments, the contracting parties agree to the marketing of these new products. , taking into account the appropriate provisions for all the specific costs associated with the manufacture of new products. , all other economic or technical factors that distinguish new products from products and BIOTRONIK`s performance history under this agreement. 17.12 Interpretation. (i) in this agreement, unless the context requires something else, the singular includes the plural and vice versa, and a reference to a sex encompasses all sexes; (ii) “section”: a reference to part of this agreement; (iii) The terms “including,” “including” and “including” are considered to be followed by the words “unrestricted” or “but not limited to” or terms of similar meaning; (iv) the terms `below`, `below`, and `below`, as well as other similar terms of service used in this agreement, relate to the whole of this agreement and not to a particular part of this agreement; (v) references to agreements (including but not limited to this agreement) and other contractual instruments include all annexes, calendars, exhibits, annexes and annexes, as well as any subsequent changes and other changes to those agreements; (vi) References to contracting parties include their respective rights holders and their approved beneficiaries; and vii) The reference to a statute of specific application is a reference to the law as amended or amended at the time of reference. (b) any contracting party voluntarily files or files a bankruptcy or liquidation claim against it, which is not put into liquidation within forty-five days of filing or bankruptcy, or enters into the hands of an agent for the benefit of creditors, or enters a similar situation or position under the law of a relevant jurisdiction, or ceases its marketing activities or stops its activities in marketing. , distribution, manufacture, sale or rental of products. BIOTRONIK maintains comprehensive and accurate lists and registrations that reflect all product sales and related transactions that are required by law, and EU rules, Regulations of the Medical Devices Directive or other legal requirements applicable to a country in the territory to ensure traceability of each product meet the following obligations in terms of marketing and product distribution. So you found a big distributor — and now? Medical device manufacturers often underestimate the time and money required to establish and maintain distribution relationships. And sometimes they miss the importance of a strong distribution agreement, which is the basis of a sustainable distribution relationship.