Marsden House Leeds Tenancy Agreement

1-3 Burley Road, Woodhouse – Headingley, Leeds, LS3 1JZ You can move whenever you are ready, but the contract you have with iQ is a fixed-term lease and you still have to pay the full rent until the end of the contract. In exceptional cases, the Chief Operating Officer may decide to grant early release from the lease. If you cancel the booking but sign a new rental agreement with iQ Student Accommodation for another room in the same academic year, you must pay us an administration fee of 50. For most sites, the university is the owner and our partners (UPP, IQ Students and CLV) manage the day-to-day operation of the pages. We continue to manage your contract and assist you on the spot. Locations: Arena Village, Carnegie Village, Kirkstall Brewery, Marsden House, Sugarwell Court, Woodhouse Flats If you wish to cancel the booking and find a replacement tenant, you will be exempt from the contractual obligations of the rental agreement and all rental fees paid will be refunded, net of an amount corresponding to your cancellation fee. Please note that all leases start on a Saturday; Therefore, the team of the relevant website will confirm your official date of sharing your contractual obligations arising from the lease. If you do not receive a VISA for the UK before the start of your lease, we will terminate your rental agreement and refund all rent payments that will be made as long as you provide the following information: No, the drug is not allowed and the prohibited items are seized. The lease gives iQ the right to confiscate substances, including Legal Highs, without the resident`s consent. Everyone is required to provide a deposit responsible for paying your rent if you do not.

So you know what is expected, you will find the full rental contract for each site contract below. For Marsden House, Arena Village, Kirkstall Brewery, Sugarwell Court, Woodhouse Flats and Carnegie Village, rental rates will be paid by direct debit in October 2020 (40%), January 2021 (30%) April 2021 (30%). The offer of accommodation is subject to the conclusion of a rental agreement under the general conditions of residence of the provider (University/Unipol/Unite Students). If we make an offer, we will send you a link to these conditions. Please read the terms and conditions before accepting your accommodation offer (we will remind you at that time) because once you have accepted our accommodation offer, you have a legal obligation to pay for the accommodation and, if you decide to leave the property prematurely, you may not be entitled to a refund.