Telework Agreement Dod

The answer depends on the specific language and requirements of the Agency`s telework policy. The Telework Improvement Act requires each federal agency to incorporate telework into its Business Continuation Plans (COOP). To achieve the objectives of the legislation, many agencies have taken steps to increase the use of telework so that more of their teleworkers can be productive during government shutdowns in response to bad weather, special events and other emergencies. If the Agency`s telework policy requires teleworkers to be required to work during agency closures and this requirement is clearly communicated by the Agency to the worker in the written telework agreement, the worker would be required to work. Ultimately, workers should comply with the guidelines initiated as defined in the Agency`s telework policy. You will find more information in your agency`s telework policy, contact your agency`s telework coordinator or go to your agency`s human resources department. The provisions of the Telework Enhancement Act apply only to civilian federal employees within the meaning of 5 USC 2105. However, there is no federal law or regulation specifically prohibiting telework for federal contractors. In general, the decision to authorize a contractor to telework would be made by the prime contractor and/or in collaboration with the principal/agent. Yes, yes. OPM offers web-based staff training modules in accordance with the requirements of the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act. Agencies may offer additional training or need additional training. Talk to your telecommuting coordinator or telecommuting manager to find out about all the training your agency can offer.