Ul Follow Up Service Agreement

Check out our service follow-up agreement to understand the agreement that governs our work with customers. Terms of service for each service: The follow-up services mentioned in this section are included in the offer for customers. The Global Services Agreement, terms of service and supply are the entire agreement on the provision of services requested by companies linked to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (the “parties to the UL”). We have a common goal with you in ensuring that only products that meet our requirements carry the UL marking. . . . We protect your investment in our certifications by maintaining an ongoing business relationship with manufacturers who use the UL label.

A user-friendly tool that allows you to create an adapted version of the advanced or intelligent UL brand. Audits of production facilities and manufacturers` products to determine continued compliance with our requirements. We also offer on-site assistance and personalized training to help you prepare for your first follow-up visit (FUS). Since 1894, we have been testing and certifying products. We write standards for many products and focus on safety and integrity. Working with UL allows you to increase productivity, gain market access, streamline operations and promote safety. Our committed field technicians work with you after your product has been certified to help you understand the requirements for traceability, labelling, testing and monitoring. We have a common goal with you: to ensure that only products that meet our requirements carry the UL marking. Throughout the life of a UL certification, we regularly check a manufacturer`s production facilities and products to determine that our requirements are ongoing. The frequency of the inspection depends on the nature of the product or the number of UL brands used. Our field engineers conduct factory audits and samples of certified products to assess our continued compliance.

By protecting the integrity of our certifications, we help increase the value of your brand.