Ford Agreement With Unifor

Ford Motor Co. was awarded an interim employment contract with its Canadian automotive workers on Tuesday, “Based on the collective agreement ratified today by employees, Ford is committed to making its Oakville Assembly Complex an internal combustion engine (ICE) production site a BEV production site that will begin in 2024, as well as a new engine program at its Windsor plant,” ford said in a statement. In addition, after granting a midnight deadline on Monday, union members had already voted in favour of a strike against the Dearborn carmaker, if necessary. Instead, they made an agreement. Discussions with Fiat Chrysler will begin this week. A digital multimedia kit can be find on this website. “As the Prime Minister said yesterday, our government is sitting at the table negotiating the terms of this agreement with Ford and the federal government and will make a useful contribution,” the spokesman said in a statement. Highlights of the agreement include US$1.8 billion for the redevelopment and construction of new battery electric vehicles in Oakville, including a cross-utility vehicle (CUV) and US$148 million for windsor propulsion systems. Ford is committed to providing new 6.X-L engines for the Windsor Plant engine and the only source 5.0L engine mount and current component machining at the Essex Engine plant, with all derivatives. “The fact is that so far, Canada has not seen a penny of the more than $300 billion in global investment announced for EV production. This historic agreement is changing today,” Dias said. It`s an agreement for our future. Dziczek said Ford`s ability to exit an investment by then will largely depend on what it has concluded with Unifor.

In the United States, GM unionists went on strike last year. Dias said the Canadian and U.S. unions will negotiate with the Detroit Three on the same schedule as both groups try to prevent jobs from moving south to Mexico. Negotiations in 2023 would mean that Unifor would negotiate again with Ford at the same time as the UAW in the United States, which Dias believes the union will be placed in a better position to guarantee investments. Ford`s auto workers in Ontario voted in favour of a new three-year home run contract called “home run” by Unifor National President Jerry Dias. The union representing Canadian auto workers said 81 per cent of its members voted to ratify the agreement after the announcement of an interim agreement on September 22. The agreement includes obligations for the construction of five new electric vehicles in Oakville, with a new 6.8-L engine in service in Windsor. “We generally have a good negotiating relationship with Ford,” Dias told the Free Press after ratification.

“In 2016, we also made significant investments from Ford. Ford has a solution story. TORONTO, September 27, 2020 /CNW/ – Local union management in all Ford Motor Company premises in trade and production unanimously approved the preliminary agreement between Unifor and the company last week unanimously. Work is expected to begin in 2024, with the first of five electric vehicles disconnected from the grid in 2025 and the fifth in 2028. The union has also assembled batteries that will enter these vehicles. Dias shared more information during a press conference broadcast live on Facebook. While details of the interim agreement will be presented to members this weekend at a series of virtual ratification meetings, the agreement contains significant commitments for Ford`s Canadian plants. Although the last formal labour negotiations took place in 2016, the union has since been the subject of active criticism of GM, after being scaled down last year at a GM plant in Oshawa, Ont.