What Agreements Were Made At The Constitutional Convention Of 1787

When the details of Virginia`s plan were discussed, it became clear that it was not a simple revision of the articles of Confederation, but a bold plan for an entirely new type of government – a government with a much more powerful “national” legislature and, unlike the articles of confederation, with a powerful chief executive. It also became immediately clear that, as bold and innovative as the plan may have been, many delegates in the room had serious concerns about certain aspects. For nearly four months, delegates have been trying to clarify and resolve their differences. The most divisive of these issues – those concerning the distribution of representation in the national legislature, the powers and modalities of electing the chief executive, and the place of the institution of slavery in the new continental political body – would take the form of the document, which was finally published on 17 August. September would be liberated, fundamentally change. 1787. Woman (to Benjamin Franklin): “Well, doctor, what do we have – a republic or a monarchy?” These and other issues were of great concern to many founders that the Union as it existed until then was in danger of falling apart. [19] [20] In September 1786, delegates from five states met at the Convention of Annapolis and invited all states to a larger convention to be held in Philadelphia in 1787. The Congress of the Confederation subsequently approved this convention “for the sole and express purpose of revising the articles of confederation.”