What Is A Guaranteed Sale Agreement

While there may be some restrictions and certain conditions may apply, the best way to know if a guaranteed sale works for you is to let me out and give you a free or no-obligation market evaluation and let you know what the guaranteed price would be. We use similar sales of properties in your area to determine the total price of your home, and then 7-10% will be deducted from the approximate net you would receive if you were to do business under existing market conditions. Guaranteed sales contracts are sometimes referred to as consignment sales. You can work in different ways. One possibility is for the manufacturer to send products without payment. If the retailer can sell them, funds are sent to the manufacturer, minus a small commission, to compensate for the display and sale of the products. This is most often seen in works of art or crafts by craftsmen who do not produce large volumes of work. You keep the higher selling price minus commissions and the warranty expires. These guaranteed sales programs are usually filled with business breakers missing from listings and are designed to relieve the broker of their obligation to buy the property.

Ads are specially designed in this way – a consumer must call and get this information, at which time the agent will invite himself to see the house and explain the price of his offer and the conditions of the program. It is important to carefully review the terms of the agreement before signing. .