Social Security Agreement Australia Spain

(i) legislation relating to the general scheme (including voluntary social security) and the special schemes (with the exception of the provisions applicable to civil servants or persons treated as such) of the social security system with regard to the following benefits: the desire to regulate the relations between their two countries with regard to benefits and social security; 3. When an institution, court or court postpones the forfeiture of a social security debt or orders or orders the payment of a social security debt in increments, the five-year period covered in paragraph 1, point (a) iv) is extended from the stay or, as the case requires, the period during which the debt must be paid in tranches. A law on the effect of international social security conventions and related purposes 3. A reference to the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article to a benefit in relation to Australia refers to a pension, benefit or allowance paid in accordance with the laws that constitute Australia`s social security law as amended from time to time and, in the case of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, a pension payable under the Pension and Disability Insurance Act. 2. Where a person is entitled, subject to this agreement, to receive a benefit under New Zealand`s social security law (including a person who has evidence under paragraph 1 or article 7 or both), but the payment of that benefit depends on his or her presence in New Zealand, that person is considered to be present in New Zealand for the purpose of paying this benefit if he or she usually resides and resides in Australia. The competent authorities decide, in accordance with the laws of their country, the social security that must be implemented in the best interests of a person. (ii) in the case of a married person, in a civil union or in a de facto relationship, the maximum amount of the benefit (deducted from a percentage agreed from time to time in writing by the competent authorities and published in the New Zealand scoreboard) to be paid under the New Zealand Social Security Act to a married person, in a civil union or in a common-law relationship, whose spouse also benefits from an overs supply or pension of New Zealand veterans; (r) “third country pension” for New Zealand, a foreign pension under New Zealand`s Social Security Act and, in the case of Australia, a payment abroad comparable to the meaning of the Australian Social Security Act; This agreement does not affect the obligations of the Republic of Hungary as a member state of the European Union. Therefore, the provisions of this agreement cannot be invoked or interpreted in a way that depresigises or otherwise affects the obligations of the Republic of Hungary imposed by the treaties on which the Union is based. (b) deduction of this Italian benefit (including the Italian Integration Allowance and/or social benefit and family benefit for dependent pensioners) from the maximum rate of the Australian benefit; and three. Subject to the relevant provisions of this article, if an Australian benefit, with a dual orphan`s pension, must be paid under this agreement to a person residing in Australia and Australia, the rate of this benefit is determined by: (2) If a person`s transferability rate calculated in accordance with subsection 1 would exceed the rate (nominal rate) which would be the notional rate of the person within the meaning of this subsection if the person had a residence factor of 1, the person`s international consent rate is the rate. 4.

Temporary incapacity to work, motherhood and risk during pregnancy are paid to beneficiaries, as long as they reside in Spain, in case of unemployment and non-contributory benefits under the Spanish social security system.