University Of Salford Learning Agreement

Living in accommodation is a great way for students to integrate into university life, meet new people and immerse themselves in the student experience. askUS, the student services team at the University of Salford, works with NHS community services to ensure that students receive the follow-up and support they need while you work in Salford. To ensure that you are able to receive medical treatment if you need it, we recommend that you register with a family doctor as soon as you arrive at university. Our English-level requirements are defined in our inter-institutional agreement with your home university. Students who promote mobility are expected to have the English language at the B1/B2 level. Before you apply, you need to make sure your institution participates in the Erasmus program. Your university must also be a salford partner, that is, there must be an inter-institutional agreement between the two universities. Check out our list of partners to see if we have an Erasmus agreement with your university in your subject. If you don`t see your university in the list, you should talk about alternative destinations with your home university. As a global university, we welcome students from around the world, either to make our campus their home or to enjoy Salford`s full experience through one of our many distance learning programs. No matter what choice you choose to learn with Salford, every student can count on exceptional education and access to exceptional resources and standard industrial jobs in a postgraduate caring environment. At the University of Salford, you join a community of student support and student creation students from more than 20,000 students from more than 100 different countries, ensuring a diverse and welcoming university experience.

We know that access to university can be a scary and exciting experience, but there is no need to worry. We are proud to be a support and integration university and have a range of support services tailored to your needs. Our university can be the host, provided you are enrolled and studying at a university with ECHE. Unlike Erasmus mobility for studies, there is no need for an inter-institutional agreement between the two universities. If your appointment is accepted, you will be asked to complete an application form. You must also provide us with a copy of your passport or ID card and an official copy of the registrations (a certificate issued by your university in which you list your courses and notes). If you are a non-EU student applying for a full year of study with us, you must also submit a copy of your English language certification. We are particularly proud to be accredited by AMBA for our MBA, EPAS programs for our financial suites and post-cycle management programs and CEEMAN for our school organization. Such international accreditations reflect the currency of our programs and the strict quality assurance processes we apply for teaching, learning and development. It may sometimes be possible that you take one or two modules outside your department, although this must be approved by the academic tutors of both institutions.

You can also edit, add or drop modules at the beginning of your studies with us, but this depends on availability and must be agreed with your link tutor on arrival. You must also ensure that all changes are approved with your home university and amended on your learning agreement.