Apprenticeship Agreement Esfa

We have added an updated version of the apprenticeship contract for training providers. The agreement concluded by the training provider with the Education and Skills Financing Agency @ESFAgov to pay retraining providers for the performance #apprenticeship training. Achievement Training Ltd will establish a single learning agreement for all apprenticeship programmes. A copy of this agreement is sent to the employer within 6 weeks of the start of the training. If changes are made to this agreement, a new copy will be sent to the employer within 6 weeks of the amendment. The employers` agreement contains the conditions of: You can accept them later in “your organizations and agreements”. This publication is available in A training contract must be signed at the beginning of the training. It is used to confirm individual employment agreements between the apprentice and the employer. Explanation – I confirm that I am an authorized employee of the company and I agree to pay the detailed fee. I understand the conditions for which this course is carried out, for which payment is made. As far as I know, all the information on this form is true. I am convinced that the training program chosen is the most appropriate for the apprentice. 5.1.5.

immediately inform ESFA by informing you at Helpdesk 08000 150600 or of any concerns the employer may have regarding the training provided to the apprentice and/or training provider; Funding rules: the rules published on GOV.UK of the AESF on the financing of apprenticeship places in their revised and amended version from time to time. You don`t need to accept the agreement until you`re ready to get financing or book, but we`ll ask if you`d like to view it if you`re creating a training service account. This agreement defines the conditions of use of the learning service for training providers. The agreement is legally binding. If the employer breaks it, we can close their account and prevent them from taking training. .