City Of Hamilton Cupe 5167 Collective Agreement

Watch out for the next CUPE Local 5167 SCOOP to get the SCOOP on Animal Services! #cupeproud President Hunter was able to sell more windows for $500. The rest was donated by an application to join Habitat for Humanity Hamilton. A huge cry to them and their seamless service and pickup!! #cupeproud #habitatforhumanity CUPE Local 5167 supported all NDP candidates in Hamilton. As a result, on October 16, they will have an event in the lobby to meet with NDP candidates before the October 21 elections. The Meet and Greet is open to all CUPE offices in Hamilton. Please email Barry Conway – – if you want to participate in the training or meet and greet. Congratulations Alex on the beginning of the next chapter of your life. RETIREMENT! #cupeproud In 2004, the Local led a coalition of citizens, environmentalists and labour activists to regain control of Hamilton`s water and sanitation systems from the private companies that had operated it since 1994. This year, Hamilton was the first major city in Canada to commission water and wastewater treatment. This ten-year experience has been marked by controversies, bankruptcies and raw wastewater.

Initially, Local operated in 5167 as two still separate premises and held two offices. However, after a year, members voted to form a coherent group. In January 2001, CUPE Local 9858 also joined Local 5167. CUPE Locals 1006, 1220 and 3488 (DARTS) voted in favour of membership a few years later. In the end, the confusion, investigation and layoffs were devastating. Residents have spent many years mourning the layoffs and demanding that workers rehire. Finally, most of the laid-off workers got their jobs as early as mid-2015. But it was a lengthy arbitration process that included years of hearings. A second phase of hearings seeking damages was also launched after defamatory comments from city councillors and the media.

From 17:30 to 19:00.m. We will come together and give these groups the opportunity to talk to people across Hamilton who are tired of the Ford government cuts in every area of our city and province. Initially, the ministry and municipal officials opposed the demands for a new vote, although they agreed that there had been serious irregularities. . . .