Shares Transfer Agreement Sample

Another major disadvantage of not signing a share assignment contract is that the parties have the freedom to sell their shares to outsiders or to people who are not part of the organization whenever they wish. The shareholder share transfer agreement is a binding document and it can have consequences if you breach such an agreement. The two main categories of shares that can be transferred are: it is possible to prevent the inclusion of a “right of refusal” clause in the contract itself. This “opt-out clause” means that existing shareholders have the right to buy the shares before they are sold to outsiders who can safeguard their interests. Modification This share transfer agreement may be amended and any amendment must be made in writing by both parties. PandaTipp: Maybe you want to initialize the pages of this contract to make sure that the calendar cannot be changed later. After completing this form, the recipient and the buyer(s) must sign this document. If one of the parties is a company, the company can affix its common seal to the document, and either two directors or a director and secretary should sign the document. Alternatively, if there is no common seal, this document can be signed, sealed and delivered by two directors or a director and a secretary. CONSIDERING that the contemptuous person wishes to transfer the shares to the assignee under the conditions laid down in this share transfer agreement. 5.13 In the event that a clause (or part of a clause) is held to be illegal or invalid by a competent court or other legal authority, it has the effect of invalidity and only removes that clause (or part of a clause) and does not invalidate this share transfer agreement in its entirety.

PandaTip: This is a share transfer agreement (or shares). This model share transfer agreement is suitable for the transfer of shares in private and public companies and can be used instead of one transfer form or another. This share transfer agreement may also be amended to include special conditions related to the transfer, which would not be possible with a share transfer form and which are likely to transfer shares in several companies and several classes of shares. Xi`an New Land Development Co., LTD (“Neues Land”), collectively owned by Party A, is now collaborating with the BaQiao Regional Government of Xi`an City for the development of BaQiao Science & Technology Industrial Park, a provincial development area in Shaan`xi Province. This development zone has already been mentioned in the xi`an city comprehensive planning by the Xi`an central government, with trade and commerce, with tourism, housing and logistics being the integrated core activities….