University Of Reading Student Residence Agreement

5.8 If the student has terminated the contract prematurely or has transferred him to another accommodation, the university and the UPP will make the accommodation thus released available to other students. Other students who change in the university`s system of stay are not treated as substitutes to meet the obligation to find a replacement, as defined in condition 5.3. The university or UPP has the right to occupy vacant housing before people on their waiting list are assigned to the housing evacuated by the student. Refunds of rent paid in advance are only granted if the void caused by the early departure or transfer of the student has been filled in the residence and the university does not lose. 6.11 You may not smoke in any of our dormitories or disrupt our fire detection system. You can smoke outside 10 meters from the residence. 2.8 Keep the accommodation and the contents of the accommodation clean and neat and not damage. If the accommodation is part of a flatshare to keep the common areas of the apartment and its contents clean and orderly (with other students allowed to use it) and not to damage it.. .